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                                                                       Revisiting the Old Math: Are You Adding, Subtracting, Dividing, or Multiplying Disciples?


What are you doing in your church to purposefully mature believers? What strategies enhance the growth and health of your church?

Biblical Basis for Senior Adult Ministry:

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) – The marching orders of every church ministry must be based on the command to make, mature, and multiply devoted disciples of Christ.

Frontrunners (Hebrews 12:1-2) – Paul’s words still encourages believers to lay aside anything that hinders them from running with endurance. Believers are not spectators in this race—they are the runners and older adults are further ahead in the race—they are closer to the goal.   Keeping our eyes on Jesus as the source and perfecter of our faith will help us make sure the important things continue to be the important things.

Life coaches (Titus 2:1-8) – Older adults must live the Christian life in such a way as to glorify Christ and help other generations who are coming along the road of life. Walking alongside, teaching, encouraging, praying for and coaching others allows older adults to share the wisdom that comes only through having walked and come through the mountains and valleys in one’s spiritual journey.



The Great Commission is both timeless and ageless. Many people have bought into the myth that there is some magical age at which one retires—even from Christian service. Some churches unintentionally feed this myth. The generations of senior adults have a history of mobilizing to get the job done. Why would they stop just because they become older? If anything, becoming older is more of a reason to stay faithful to the mission—The Great Commission.




Senior adult ministry must be about developing strategies for involving older adults in making disciples, maturing or growing believers, and multiplying leaders and ministries.




Senior adult ministry should involve all older adults (according to your church’s definition) in ministry with, to, and through seniors. Their ministries will target persons of all ages. For example senior adults may minister to children as they volunteer through a community public library.


Ideally, senior adult ministries will use the existing caring and ministry structure of the church’s Sunday School or other ongoing Bible study groups. These classes or groups are already attempting to make and grow disciples and send them out in service. Senior adult ministries would always seek to provide leaders and volunteers for existing or expanding ministry teams, committees, or groups.


Any time—senior adult ministry cannot and should not be limited to any one event or meeting.  



Any time—senior adult ministry cannot and should not be limited to any one event or meeting.  



Any place--down the street or around the world.